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I'd like to see you accuse me of making THIS up! [Mar. 28th, 2008|10:37 am]
Checkmated Rejects



THAT is the point of this comm.

[User Picture]From: oncelikeshari
2008-03-28 03:55 pm (UTC)
It appears to be lots of locked posts as far as I've heard.

We are all saying what we say publically and putting our names to it but the people who are actually stirring up the trouble and bad mouthing people are doing it behind people's backs.

Oh I was told that by bashing CM I was ruining Ron fandom and that I also caused the triatha_ron to close down because they didn't invite me (which they actually did if you want to have all the facts) and that I insulted everybody who was taking part in it (despite the fact that my real life friends were taking part)

We are trying to make rejected people feel better about trying again and trying other sites after their insulting knock-back and 'certain others' are actively making up crap about us to make it look as if we're attacking rather than bolstering people.

As others on my flist have said, it's the incredibe 'Imaginary wank'! *lol*
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[User Picture]From: bazcat89
2008-03-28 04:05 pm (UTC)
"Ruining the Ron fandom?" wtf.

Nobody should make us feel ashamed for giving others support. And if the Council is pissy about this comm, then it almost proves that they know that we have a right to be upset, and that they are getting defensive in return.

I have nothing personally against any of them, and I'm sure that that's true for the members of this comm as well. *sigh* Oh fandom...
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