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Three Strikes....Guess I'm "Out"(!)

I first submitted "Live... or Die Trying" and that was rejected. I could live with that as it is very AU. Second time I submitted "Jealous Much?" and that was rejected. I didn't understand why that was rejected and was pretty miffed for awhile.  Like a complete and utter idiot I submitted "Catch Me If You Can". Guess what????  I found out just tonight that it was.... REJECTED! *deer in headlights*

I got the same generated dingbat note everybody else gets. I was really offended on behalf of my beta, Brandedfaithfully. She re-reads chapters sometimes three to four times before they are posted(!) My characterizations of Ron and Hermione are poor.  *widens eyes* OK.  Hmm...I knew I shouldn't have said that Ron was dressed up as an astronaut and was beating the shit out of Hermione(!) *rolls eyes*  
Is there some sort of witches' council club that I am not aware of? Am I supposed to pierce my finger and sign my name in blood to some sort of document?  Perhaps there is this secret clandestine society that I need to join in order to post a story there? 

I am OVER it!  The only comfort I get is looking at who posted here and realizing that- by George-I'm in good company!

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H/R/Hr, Ron/Hermione, Trio


I thought I'd share this with you lot because you'd find it amusing.

Early last week, I was informed that my NC-17 fic Fantasy had been nominated for this year's rhr_awards. W00t! I'm very pleased indeed.

Not having even considered submitting to CM in a couple of years, I thought, Hey, here's an excuse! Submitted the fic. And today got back this reply:

    Dear antosha,
    We regret to inform you that we must reject your story, Fantasy, at this time.

    At present, this story...

    ~ is not something we are interested in hosting at Checkmated.
    ~ has canon errors or inconsistencies.
    ~ does not meet standard of quality.
    ----poor characterization.

I'm guessing that those canon errors included the idea that Ron and Hermione actually dated other people between Ch. 34 of DH and the time of the fic, some four or five years later (though they're happily married at the time of the story) and that the poor characterization involved the person with whom Hermione briefly hung out being female.

Damn! Where did I miss the pages in canon that said they got married the day after Voldemort's defeat, and that none of the HP characters—but certainly not Hermione—ever engaged in a homosexual affair? Did you see that anywhere? Was it in Beedle the Bard, maybe? XD

(The first criterion would have been fine with me. "Not our cup of tea. Didn't like it." No problem. It'd even be fine with me if—like SIYE with H/G—they simply banned all fics in which Ron and Hermione dated anyone but each other. But the other criteria? :snort: Yeahno.)

It still chaps my hide that CM mods can claim such telepathic powers of canon insight when it comes to Ron and Hermione's behavior, but are happy to accept fics pairing Harry or Ginny with anything with a pulse—even characters whom they show ever appearance in canon of disliking. But then, that's Earth Logic....
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OotP - Fight Together

Second time FAIL!

Dear thesteppyone,

We regret to inform you that we must reject your story, Proposals, at this time. No, really? This is a huge surprise!

At present, this story...

~ does not meet standard of quality.
----poor characterization. <-- I swear, had the told me my Hermione was OOC, I may have had to punch someone!

Further Details: First of all, the approval team must apologize for taking so long to process your submission. Yes, a month is a bit of a piss take

After reviewing your story we have chosen to decline, and we know that\'s tough to hear.patronising fuckers part 1 To be honest, really not that arsed! We felt that Ron’s voice was off and he seemed out of character. Because your note said this had already been beta’d for another site, we weren’t sure how receptive you would be to working on Ron’s characterization with a pre-beta or with one of our betas. And asking would be too easy, would it?

We liked the story, but there were some areas that we all felt needed a little work to bring it in line with the Ron we see in canon. Wait, let me just check, yep, pretty damn sure we don't see a 25/26/27 year old Ron who's trying to propose to his girlfriend in canon! HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW HE'LL BEHAVE??? We also felt that there was a lot of \"telling\", rather than \"showing\". ...I'm sorry, what? Surely that's my decision as an author and god forbid I should like to write in this way! The exposition seemed to weigh the story down a bit.

We would like to see this story again, it shows a lot of promise, patronising fuckers part 2! but there are some things that need a little work first.

Thank you for your submission and again, we’re sorry for being so slow to process your story. Apologise all you want, love, I shall be deleting my account so to not bother you with my crap writing skills ever again! - Except that I can't so I may have to write and ask to be removed, this will probably not be granted.

First time FAIL!

In case you want to read this bad characterisation of Ron as he proposes to his girlfriend, click here!
Rainbow Flower

I really am a glutton for punishment....

Dear deenas,

We regret to inform you that we must reject your story, Meeting Daddy, at this time. At present, this story...
~ is not something we are interested in hosting at Checkmated.
~ does not meet standard of quality.
----poor characterization.

Further Details: We didn't feel that this characterization of James matched what we know of him from the books. How do you know that? Do we really know enough canon James Potter to make that decision?The way he talked to Lily\'s father didn't seem like the way a young man would speak to his girlfriend's father, even if the young man was a bit mischievous by nature. At that moment, James was nervous and shocked that he'd been caught nearly shagging Lily in the study.

If you wish to resubmit this fic at a later date after making sure that it meets the guidelines in our submission guide, we will be happy to look at it again. No thanks..If we feel that the fic still does not meet site standards and the beta assigned will not be able to work with you to improve it, we must reject it again.

Stories that are rejected for unacceptable content or that are not something we are interested in archiving at Checkmated may not be resubmitted.We approve stories with the goal of maintaining a high quality, varied archive of R/Hr friendly fanfiction. There are some plot devices that we see quite freqeuntly, and we are usually looking for a new twist if we are going to accept them.

If you think that we have mis-judged your story, please resubmit, utilizing the Notes to Council box to provide more background we might be able to use when making a decision.Resubmitting is the only means of appealing rejection of your story.

I really (sarcasm) like the links they've provided for me so that I can improve my writing. It also is so helpful (sarcasm again) for them to give me links to the little beta forum when this had been through two betas and there is also the fact that I am in charge of almost 18 betas at The Quidditch Pitch and that I could have any number of them at my disposal, should I choose to. Also not really having much respect for the author of this because of the blatant misspellings that I have bolded and written in red. Nice touch, too.

Where submitted...
my fic journal----The Quidditch Pitch (as a chapter of it's parent story)

How received--nice reviews and lots of hilarity

I really liked this story, so they can just shit themselves...
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How Fitting: We must reject your story, It's Time, at this time

Title: It's Time
Warnings (if any): DH Spoilers
Summary:Ron has a heart to heart with his brother and makes a surprising decision
Reason given for rejection:We regret to inform you that we must reject your story, It\'s Time, at this
At present, this story...
~ does not meet standard of quality.
Further Details: We think your idea could work, however there are areas that
would need revision - namely Ron\'s talk with Fred, which seemed to have an
overload of information that was strange for the time setting of the fic, and
Hermione\'s insistence (\'Propose to me properly\') which felt out of character.

How did your story fare when you posted it elsewhere? FF.net (18 positive reviews, Favored 13 times), various LJ communities with positive reviews.
Where did you post? FF.net, accio_rhr, My Personal Fanfic Website
Link us to some of your other work:My Personal Fanfic Website, accio_rhr, My FF.net page

I was discouraged to the point where I didn't feel like continuing my HP writing endeavors. It took about 2 1/2 weeks from the time I submitted to the time I received my rejection email. And I was so sure that I'd be accepted that it really inspired me to think up other story ideas. I had optimistic plans for 2008, including a long r/hr h/g series that I was planning to start late January. Then I received the rejection email on New Year's Day. It was disheartening.
Thankfully, I listened to a lot of encouraging people. I started to submit drabbles to rhr100 and was soon hooked on that. Then I started accio_rhr and started to write even more. Seven fics and a 40 or so drabbles later, I can say that I've put the "rejection" behind me. And I went so far as to submit another of my stories to checkmated...and it was just published the other day.

I won't resubmit this story to checkmated because those who have read it disagree with the council's findings. It has a happy home on ff.net, my site and now it has a place here.

Collapse )
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Arthur and Molly would NEVER have sex!

Title: Never Too Old )
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Arthur/Molly
Warnings (if any): parent!sex
Summary: The Weasley children have an unfortunate tendency of entering their parent's bedroom without knocking. Most of them come to regret it. Oneshot.
Reason given for rejection:
Dear rhhgrt,
We regret to inform you that we must reject your story, Never Too Old,
at this time.
At present, this story...
~ is not something we are interested in hosting at Checkmated.
Thank you for understanding, and keep writing,
-The Witches' Council
How did your story fare when you posted it elsewhere? It's my most popular oneshot and was recced by obhwf_weekly Where did you post? My ficjournal, ff.net, and UR.org Link us to some of your other work: It's all at my ficjournal: [info]rhhgrt

I'm Only Qualified to Fuck Up Other People's Work

I find this highly amusing.

I turned in a beta test and application for Checkmated.com after finishing Book 7 (so around August 2007) and never heard a word back. Last night, I got an email saying that they would like to have my beta skills and my test and they "have decided that you would be an excellent addition to our staff."

Apparently my characterization, grammar and punctuation skills aren't good enough to write my own stories. They're only good enough to fuck up someone else's.

Hm, after careful consideration (or not) I think I will be declining that position.
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Two for the price of one sale.

Title: Make You Feel Pretty - An Ugly Girls Story
Rating: Suitable for All
Pairing: R/Hr
Warnings (if any): none

Can Ron Weasley make the most important girl in his life feel pretty? An Ugly Girls Story, an outtake from the Smell of Lavender.

Word Count: 1716
Reason given for rejection: Quoted Verbatim :-) to avoid potential wankage.

"At this point, our Approval team has agreed that the premise of the story isn\'t something we\'re interested in having in the archive. Even though the mechanics of the story are not bad and there\'s obviously work done in order for the story to be as error-free as possible, the idea of \"Ugly Girls Book\" is just something we\'re not comfortable with. Therefore, anything submitted with the same concept is more likely to be declined than not.

Discussion on the concept: Checkmated Forum

Other rejected story on the same theme by Evanesco75:
Every girl's an Ugly Girl... sometimes

How did your story fare when you posted it elsewhere? 21 positive reviews at SU. 6 at TQP.

Most reviewers enjoyed the father/daughter interaction.

Where did you post? SU, TQP
Link us to some of your other work: My Homepage, resplendant with wonderful donated banners