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Checkmated Rejects [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Checkmated Rejects

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FYI [Mar. 26th, 2008|04:51 pm]
Checkmated Rejects


It has come to my attention that some folks suspect some checkmatedrejexposters of 'exaggerating' the language of their CM rejections in their posts to the community. 

In the spirit of accuracy, it is ideal to use the reasons from the actual email. You know, if you have still have it. Most people seem to be doing this when possible, and thanks.

After some digging, I found that I did indeed have the letters from my rejection of Things I Have But Could Have Done Without, so I went back and edited my entry to this comm accordingly.  


My final one [Mar. 26th, 2008|10:26 am]
Checkmated Rejects

[Tags|, ]

Title: Putting the Dog to Bed
Warnings (if any):
Summary: Tonks puts her foot in her mouth, and Remus feels the need to set the record 'straight.' (Bad pun intended) Rated R for innuendo.
Word Count: 2070
Reason given for rejection: At present, this story...
----poor characterization.
Further Details: We didn\'t recognize these characters as the Remus and Tonks
from canon. It seemed as though the plot drove characterizations rather than
the other way around.
How did your story fare when you posted it elsewhere? 3000+hits, 60 reviews, 19 favorites on ff.net, recced 3 times there, and just before it got rejected by Checkmated, it was featured onremus_recs
Where did you post? ff.net, Sycophant Hex
Link us to some of your other work: my ficjournal
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Another failed attempt [Mar. 26th, 2008|01:25 pm]
Checkmated Rejects

Title: Follow
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Remus/Tonks 
Warnings (if any): none
Summary: A late summer night near the forest's edge. Two people adept at tracking play a tired game of cat and mouse. Set during HBP.
Reason given for rejection: They said I made too much of Remus' sense of smell. Which was odd, since only a week before my rejection they published an NC-17 Remus/Ginny (yes, quite canon-strict, I know) that was all about Remus tracking a missing Ginny by her scent . -shrugs- They also said it wasn't clear who Tonks was referring to when she tells Remus 'you can't bring him back.' Cause there were no important characters deaths in OotP. Expecially none that involved anyone who might have been close to Remus...
How did your story fare when posted elsewhere? Great!
Where did you post? The usual: TQP, SU, my fic journal.
Link us to some of your other work: modestywrites, my fic journal

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Another rejection [Mar. 26th, 2008|11:58 am]
Checkmated Rejects

Title: On The Rag
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ron/Hermione & Harry
Warnings: Strong sexual content Suggested for mature readers
Summary: Once a month the men in Hermione's life become 'Dicks'. Not everything in the future is perfect. (Author's note: Written before HBP This story is set post Voldemort, and assumes that the final battle left the Trio with a strong sense of empathy between them.)

Reason given for rejection: Subject matter, and Hermione wouldn't call the boys 'dicks'. Chapter two the same, plus it was 'mechanical'. (Chapter Two was submitted as a seperate tale and also rejected. The rejection cause Chapter 3 to be delayed by about a year)

How did your story fare when you posted it elsewhere?(Note: this is not a summary, it is not lam-o to post reviews in response to this question)

At TQP: 13 reviews.
At SU: 35 reviews.

Positive with one exception. That person came around with chapter 3.

Reviewer: evanesco75 (Signed) · Date: 11/22/2006 03:21 AM · On: On The Rag

Hilarious! Love Hermione's POV and her tone; love her self righteous anger; love the 'dicks'; Harry as Mr. Sensitive, and Ron as anything but! Also, they're sort of bonded to each other, the Trio, aren't they? Nice angle! Reading on...


PumpkinGlory | Reviewed on chapter 3

okay, I really liked it and I am not offended at all, (by the way the image of harry in a tea towel is very appealing).I just have one question though: I understand that Voldemort did some curse on Hermione, but why are they all feeling each others sensations and see each others thoughts? is it a spell? a curse? and why(ok that's two) is hermione and ginny are the only chance for Arthur to have grandchildren?
thank you for the fics

Where did you post? TQP and SU

Link us to some of your other work: www.alloy.co.za or my LJ profile
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(no subject) [Mar. 24th, 2008|03:37 pm]
Checkmated Rejects

What a fabulous idea... Can I be an official rejexted beta, as I was summarily dismissed as a Checkmated Beta without so much as a 'We hate you and want you to go away' letter...? I guess I did get a letter saying that some fic I was in the process of beta-ing had been too long in the beta queue - but it wasn't my fault as I'd done the beta and sent it off to the author for approval and never heard back (it was one that had already been through numerous other betas... I picked it up as a mercy beta...) - and they just didn't have many other stories to pick from after their pets picked off the Big Name Author fics to do... (I'm sorry - I'm just not that crazy about the same ol' same ol' Ron/Hermione fics... Zzzzzzz). Looking forward to reading the good stuff that got away. :D
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I am the queen of the REJEX [Mar. 24th, 2008|10:53 am]
Checkmated Rejects

[Current Mood |boredbored]
[Current Music |Monsters Inc.]

I've compiled a list of all my fics that have been rejected HERE in my personal LJ...
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Hello, me again! [Mar. 24th, 2008|10:33 am]
Checkmated Rejects

Here I am with rejected story #2. LoL. These circumstances were a bit different. After I already had this story posted at both TQP and SU, I decided "what the heck?" and submitted it to CM too.

Title: Graduation Day (and Night)
Rating: R
Pairing: Ron/Hermione
Warnings: Strong sexual content as well as loads of fluff
Summary: Ron completes Auror training and receives a gift that was worth waiting for.

Reason given for rejection: One of the things they noted, which really still stands out in my mind, was that Harry and Ron seemed "awkward and out of character when they called each other Auror Weasley and Auror Potter. Not something they would do." Anyone who read this will have HAD to realize that they said this jokingly, mostly because they had just graduated and were, in fact, Aurors now. They were being a bit silly. CM also remarked that it was just not up to their standards and they were not interested in archiving it. Same old, same old.

How did your story fare when you posted it elsewhere? Graduation Day (and Night) is one of my most ever viewed and reviewed fics:

At TQP: 3815 views, 18 reviews.
At SU: 3496 views, 24 reviews.

Where did you post? TQP and SU

Link us to some of your other work: You can find them here: love_tart
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Definitely in good company! [Mar. 24th, 2008|11:46 am]
Checkmated Rejects

[Current Mood |amusedamused]

They kind of broke my heart with this one. I'm mainly a beta, and this was the first piece of fiction I ever wrote so it was a huge downer when they said it wasn't up to par, and that there were lots of SPaG errors! Not only did they smash my writing skills, they also questioned my existence as a beta! :(

After receiving the letter, I shoved this story away from my sight for about a month. Then I got over myself and posted it at TQP and SU and was really, really surprised that people actually liked it!

Rating: R
Pairing(s): Ron/Hermione
Warnings (if any): a bit of angst, a bit of fluff
Summary: He could not believe they were having this conversation. It was too alien to him. Hermione, his Hermione, thinking she wasn’t beautiful when she was the one that defined the word for him.
Reason given for rejection: They said so many things! They said both Ron and Hermione were terribly out of character, and that Hermione would never refer to herself as "the brightest witch of her generation" (even if people keep telling her she's that). They also kind of said that both are OOC for being that insecure. Huh. I also got the "not interested" bit.
How did your story fare when you posted it elsewhere? A lot of people actually loved the story, and even added it to their favorites. It came as a shock to me because the CM rejection really made its mark.
Where did you post? TQP, SU, ff.net and my LJ just days ago
Link us to some of your other work: They're all here at gingeraled

Seriously, who makes their rejection letters?  And do they have real, actual guidelines they follow?  Because if they're screening for quality fics, I don't think they're actually succeeding. 


I'm happy  to be in real good company!
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My 1st of 3 rejections from CM [Mar. 23rd, 2008|01:31 am]
Checkmated Rejects

[Current Mood |crankyin good company]

 Title: Wake Me

Rating: NC-17


Warnings (if any):
Angst, Het, Rape, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Violence

In the midst of the War, Hermione is kidnapped and held captive as Ron, Harry and Ginny search desperately for her. Hermione and Ron share a psychic connection, with which she tries to help him find her before it is too late.
*A strong warning for this story, as it does contain the rape of a character and severe psychological trauma.*

Reason given for rejection:
I didn't keep the original email to be perfectly honest, so I don't remember the exact wording. However, I know I submitted the fic after I had at least 4 chapters written and when I tried to appeal I was told that I was not eligible for the appeal process. I was told something to the effect of: This does not meet a certain standard of quality for the site. Very poor characterization for both Ron and Hermione. The plot is unoriginal and has been done better elsewhere. This content isn't something our readers are interested in and it will never be suitable for our site. That last one was the one that stung the most I think.

How did your story fare when you posted it elsewhere?
The response elsewhere has been overwhelming!
  • It spent a few months on the Top 10 most favourite fics list over at The Quidditch Pitch.
  • It is currently the 4th most reviewed fic over at TQP.
  • It was nominated for 4 of the 2007 rhr_awards , including: Outstanding Multi-Chapter, Novel-Length, or WIP; Most Intriguing Plot; Outstanding Depiction of Hermione in a Fic; and Outstanding Overall Fic.
  • I get personal emails approximately once every two weeks either asking about when I will be updating or telling me how much the fic has touched the reader, because of the sensitivity to the subject matter. Those emails of thanks are what proved to me that CM is full of it and that the content isn't horrid.
Where did you post? The Quidditch Pitch, which is the only site I have all of my fics currently archived at.

Link us to some of your other work: All of my fics can be found at my author's page on TQP.

Thank you to the mods of this community! I felt so ashamed of the fact that I have been rejected by CM 3 times. I haven't even bothered with my more recent fics, because it's no longer a place I would be proud to host my fics. However, the initial pain and embarrassment I felt, as well as the thought that I must be the most horrible writer in fandom, did a huge number on my self-confidence that I have yet to shake- nearly 2 years later.  I wish I had known that others had the same problems with the site at the time.  I might not have gone through the anguish I did over them. 
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Thoughts Get In The Way II [Mar. 23rd, 2008|09:50 am]
Checkmated Rejects

Title: Thoughts Get In The Way II

Rating: NC17

Pairing(s): R/Hr

Warnings (if any): explicit Sex

Summary: A lack of satisfaction in the Marital Bed leaves Ron Weasley wanting to chuck it in. How will Hermione Take that? Based on "Thoughts Get In The Way by Harry'smom (with her permission).

Reason given for rejection: Initialy spelling and grammer, to which my pre-beta strongly and vigorously objected. Then a comment about a lack of "Love" in the story to which another reader objected, and eventually the catch-all....Not suitable for our archive.

How did your story fare when you posted it elsewhere? Critically acclaimed for a restricted access fic. Two stand out:

mapleandmahogany | Reviewed on chapter 1

*gulp* Wow.

and counting the number of thr**ts it took him to ----
Ahahah. That's funny, poor Hermione.

Quite a lot of reality to this one I think, and very sexy. Well done!


naiad | Reviewed on chapter 1

oh, you.....you know too damned well how smart women are. Why gentle doesn't work when your brain runs too damn fast. Your stuff is so damn good it make my teeth hurt.....I wonder if I can get my husband to come home from work while my toddler is still napping........

Where did you post? SU & The TQP, both of which cleared it within hours, after CM dallied for weeks.
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