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Mission statement:

This is not a place to personally bash anyone connected to Checkmated.

This community was created as just that—a community—in this case based around the fact that we have all submitted our work to Checkmated and had it rejected. Some of us still have stories on the site, some still hang out there, and some of us stopped caring one way or another long ago. The point is to showcase work that didn’t make it onto the site but enjoyed success elsewhere. And, to share work that didn't make it there, but hasn't yet had a chance to be seen elsewhere.

For some of us, the site was the first place we submitted work and the subsequent rejection nearly made us give up on writing fic. If that had been the case, some truly wonderful fics might never have been written and enjoyed by the fandom.

The three mods were lucky enough to find supportive and encouraging friends and readers who convinced us to keep going.

How many potentially brilliant authors actually have given up?

Checkmated mods have stated time and time again that the rejections just mean that your work is not a good fit for their site, but you are free to try elsewhere.

Here is the place!

So come on, let us see your rejects, folks! You just might inspire someone to keep plugging away!

And even if you do not choose to post/link your stories, please join the community. Numbers have a tendency to speak louder than words, but usernames say a lot too. It may do aspiring authors a world of good to see some of their favorite ficwriters counted among this group.


Posting rules

Cuts are your friends. Please keep your work behind a cut, with warnings clearly stated.

All pairings/ratings in the HP universe are permitted.

If you are posting adult material, please state this in the summary and flag.

Only members can post.

Posts are moderated.

No personal attacks.


Feel free to use this handy template for posting:

Warnings (if any):
Reason given for rejection:
How did your story fare when you posted it elsewhere?
Where did you post?
Link us to some of your other work: